PiYo Live & Yoga at NEOC This Summer

Every Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat at 8:00am

This summer - the time is right and we will be hosting ongoing PiYo Live Classes and Hatha Yoga classes in the REC (Recreation) Hall at NEOC.

Classes will be in the morning at 8am:

Classes are 30 mins of PiYo Live: Fun active workout - you will sweat a bit more, details below. Followed by a 30 minute Hatha yoga Flow with core sequence and meditation. 

Call, email or text if you are interested and would like to get the full schedule. Email [email protected]

Follow this link to a Google Map NEOC: https://goo.gl/maps/1YvWgUbEkY72

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Yoga & Core

Enjoy a class where we warm up with a series of sun salutations to open up and engage the entire body and then we will work on strengthening our core with core related movement + short meditation - class length approximately 50 mins.  Class is primarily Hatha Yoga Based and is a continuous flow.

PiYo Live at NEOC


PiYo LIVE is a low-impact class for people who like to sweat.  A continuous movement and  flow from one exercise to another for complete body conditioning.  These sequences increase strength, stability, stamina and flexibility.  You will burn calories and get that lean look you have always wanted with moves inspired by  the best of both worlds - Yoga and Pilates.

Notso Zen

NotSo Zen Yoga

If you are traveling with kids and you really need to come to a class - let me know, there is a large play area behind the rec-hall is is a room that is attached to it and it has some games and a table tennis table and also plenty of space to run around in.  It is not manned by staff, but your child(ren) are welcome to participate in any class or hang out there.

Yoda And More

Yoda & More

Taking it all up a notch; a good connection with your energetic centers will put life in a really good flow.  At the end of each class you will feel more alive and more connected.  Each class ends with a 3-5 minute meditation so that you leave feeling connected to your self.  The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to yoke or bind, and is often interpreted as "union" I see it as a union of body, mind and spirit or soul.

Tree of Life