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The New England Outdoor Center – meet the owner…

Matt Polstein

Meet Matt Polstein owner of NEOC

Matt Polstein founded New England Outdoor Center in 1982. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of Maine whitewater rafting. At NEOC, the owner is definitely ‘in the shop.’ Evidence of his hands-on personal work ethic is obvious at every turn. From Matt’s involvement doing the excavating and construction work for new resort buildings, to guiding on the Penobscot he is intimately involved with every aspect of running this Maine outdoor adventure resort.

The New England Outdoor Center’s Mission Is:

To rekindle your spirit of adventure, to help you explore the outdoors with a level of service and amenities that exceed your expectations, to foster understanding and respect for the responsible shared use of the Maine woodlands, one of our greatest natural resources, and to provide a New England vacation experience that you won’t soon forget.  If you have a trip that you are planning or a Maine Woods Experience that you are interested in planning, contact us and we will help put you trip in action.  Every year thousands of NEOC guests experience The Maine Woods right here with us. Many people experience “firsts’ with us – first time in a canoe or Kayak, first time on an overnight camping trip, first time to raft the Penobscot River, first time back country skiing or snowmobiling.  Whether it is your first experience or your hundredth, we are here to help.