Know Before You Go

Here at the New England Outdoor Center, safety is our highest priority. The more you know before you go, the better off everyone is. While we instruct you on basic knowledge for the responsible use of a snowmobile, we expect you to do your part as well: keeping yourself and others safe, always staying in control, being alert and well prepared, and remembering that this equipment is rented - so please treat it as your own.

(1) Release Forms

Click the Rental Agreement link below, download, fill out, and e-sign! Next, please email them to [email protected], or fax them to our office at: 207-723-0008.

Twin Pine Rentals Inc Snowmobile Release Agreement

Please also review the following:

Additional Safety Information

(2) Watch the Snowmobile Safety Video below-

On this page, you watch our required snowmobile safety video prior to your arrival. Follow the steps below to ensure your safety and save time during the rental process. After watching the video, you must complete Step 3 below to verify that you have watched the video.  The Snowmobile Safety Video is 3 minutes in length.

(3) Complete the form below: