The P. Kids

Max, Sam, Annie

Max, Sam and Annie (above) are three reasons NEOC will always be a place for kids to have fun.

Since the 1980s, Matt Polstein has not only built an amazing Maine resort, but he has integrated his children in to the very heart of New England Outdoor Center.

Max, Sam and Annie (right) are just three of the reasons  NEOC is a true family-friendly resort. The kids have been brought up in the Maine outdoors and they have served as a three-person focus group on the resort’s many activities for kids.

Matt and kids enjoying a winter day

Matt and his kids enjoy snowmobiling trips together.

Matthew Polstein

Matt was born in Portland and lived in Iran for five years with his parents and brother while his father served in the Foreign Service. They moved back to Maine, living in North Bridgton and Augusta while his father taught at the University of Maine. He gained a strong love of outdoor adventure at Winona, a summer camp that creates a magical outdoor world for boys through canoeing and hiking trips into the Maine wilderness, as well as a Junior Maine Guide program.

Today, as a Millinocket resident, Registered Maine Guide and passionate supporter of natural and economic sustainability in the region, Matt’s commitment to promoting responsible shared use of the area’s natural resources goes well beyond his business. It is a personal mission for Matt. His focus remains soundly on using nature, adventure, and cultural and heritage-based tourism to create memorable experiences and educational opportunities for guests.

Matt has served on numerous boards and committees dedicated to the advancement of the causes which he is passionate about. The Governor’s Nature-based Tourism Initiative Task Force, Governor’s Task Force on Natural Resource-based Industries, America Outdoors and Millinocket Town Council are just a few such organizations. Today, Matt can often be found in the Northern Maine woods working on all aspects of the development of the “Ktaadn Resorts” project, including operating the excavator. Ktaadn Resorts will be a community where guests will be able to meet and see the work of local artisans, bakers, potters, weavers, farmers and other real people doing the real work that makes the region special.


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