Ski Trail Groom Report

Ski Trail at NEOCWe now have access to over 12 miles of designated ski trails at NEOC on Millinocket Lake. Scroll down for trail updates. The trails are being built by The Folks at the Ice Fish Inn also maintain this area blog - some area updates here:

Trail Report, 2018

Feb 15, 2018 | 6:48 pm

Ski trails have never been better! or close to that, over 17km groomed flat and wide for skate skiing, track set in places for classic, get out there and enjoy.  Call 800-766-7238 if you need more info. Skis available for rent and instructors available if you need. ski trails at neoc


Jan 27, 2018 | 10:37 am

Trails have been tilled, groomed wide and are flat and in excellent condition. track is set in places, over 15km are groomed, Will make for excellent skiing today and this next week.


Jan 15, 2018 | 9:58 am

We are in the process of grooming sections of the trail system, we have plenty of snow after the rain, but the conditions are set hard and fast until we have the chance to break it up with the groomer – Matt groomed the Katahdin overlook loop last night and it is in good skiable condition, this morning he is grooming the loop below black Cat road adjacent to the lake and that will also be skiable by around 10-11am. We are advising to stay off black cat mountain until further notice as it will be icy. The River Drivers Restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm with hot food at the trail head


Ski Grooming Report: NEOC Millinocket Lake

Date Ski Trail Groomed Ski Trail Conditions
Feb 15, 2018 Hammond Ridge TrailNew Trail, lots of climb, long, groomed flat
Feb 15, 2018 Access Route to, and the Katahdin View Loop on Hammond RidgeJust groomed - trail is flat and in great condition -
Feb 15, 2018 Black Cat - access to and Mortons Groomed, in good condition, not suitable for beginners
Feb 15, 2018 Lake Loop at NEOCJust groomed - trail is flat and in good condition -
Feb 15, 2018 Saddle LoopJust groomed - trail is flat and in great condition -