Ski Trail Groom Report

Ski Trail at NEOCWe now have access to over 12 miles of designated ski trails at NEOC on Millinocket Lake. Scroll down for trail updates. The trails are being built by The Folks at the Ice Fish Inn also maintain this area blog - some area updates here:

Trail Report, 2017

Mar 23, 2017 | 11:42 am

We just had a new John Deer with attached groomer, groom our entire trail system and create POWDER. I’d highly recommend skiing here this weekend, in fact it looks so I think I am going to head out right now. Should be about 12 miles of groomed trail ready to be skied on, including the Katahdin Overlook Loop, the Saddle Loop, the Cove Loop and Black Cat Mountain. Call us 207-723-5438 if you need lodging – we have a book two nights, stay for three special running this week. 800-766-7238


Mar 18, 2017 | 10:44 am

The foot plus of snow that we received earlier in the week here on Millinocket Lake, Blackcat Mountain and Hammond Ridge has settled well, Bill and Val have been grooming our cross country ski trails, we have track set for classic , and have groomed flat also for skate skiing. The entire system including Morton’s Madness, the new Katahdin Scenic overlook and the Lake Loop – almost 12 miles of trail in all, makes for a great day out. We also rent skis, so we have had quiet a few first timers that have had a wonderful time on skis this week. So grab your skis, get some from us and get out in the woods – it is going to be a beautiful day out there and tomorrow also. Food onsite at The River Driver’s Restaurant. Call 207-723-5438 if you have any questions. See you when you get here.


Ski Grooming Report: NEOC Millinocket Lake

Date Ski Trail Groomed Ski Trail Conditions
Mar 17, 2017 Access Route to, and the Katahdin View Loop on Hammond Ridge12 inches of new snow earlier this week, groomed yesterday. Should be awesome skiing
Mar 17, 2017 Black Cat - access to and Mortons 12 inches of snow earlier this week, steep climb up and down, involves many turns on inclines. Experience recommended. Groomed yesterday
Mar 17, 2017 Cove Loop at NEOC12 inches of new snowearlier this week, groomed yesterday Should be awesome skiing, will be groomed again over the weekend
Mar 17, 2017 From NEOC Main Lodge to Saddle Loop and back12 inches of new snow earlier this week. Should be awesome skiing