NEOC Environmental Stewardship

How you can be a part of something good & green…

Our mission:
The New England Outdoor Center recognizes the significance of the local environment. We as a company believe in the spirit of sustainable adventure, and want to nurture
that in our visitors. We want to promote outdoor experiences which will have long lasting positive effects in people’s lives and for our environment. We hope that
positive change will follow them home or on their next adventure, change which serves their community and the earth.

What you can do:

1. Conserve Energy

Why is it important?

Reducing use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, means lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary contributor to global climate change.

What you can do
  • Limit heating in your cabin by dressing appropriately for the weather
  • Turn off lights when leaving your cabin

2. Conserve Water

Why is it important?

Water is necessary for healthy drinking water, ecosystems, and food supplies. Large amounts of energy and chemicals are needed to treat both tap water and waste water.

What you can do
  • Take short showers
  • Turn the faucet off when brushing your teeth
  • Report leaky faucets, pipes, or other water-wasters

3. Practice No Idling

Why is it important?

Idling consumes more fuel and produces more CO2 than restarting your car

What you can do
  • Turn the car off if you are idling more than 10 seconds – especially in construction zones

4. Reduce/Reuse

Why is it important?

Vast quantities of resources are used to manufacture; package and transport products. Once you are finished with it, it may end up in our overburdened landfills.

What you can do
  • Consider: What is the true environmental cost of this purchase and its disposal?
  • Say “No, thank you” to bags at store checkout
  • Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

5. Recycle

Why is it important?

Recycling saves precious resources and reduces waste in landfills. For example: recycling on aluminum can uses 1/5 the resources of producing a new can.

What you can do
  • Office Pack
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans
  • Plastic Containers -Type 1&2
  • Magazines & Catalogs (glossy only)
  • Newspaper
  • Glass Bottles and Jars

What NEOC is doing:

  • Maintaining and evolving a stewardship plan for our 1400 acre land base
  • Actively participating in the American Tree Farm System by managing our lands in accordance with American Forest Foundation Standards of Sustainability for Forest Management
    on Private Lands
  • Converting old plumbing fixtures to low consumption fixtures
  • Streamlining, coordinating and fine tuning the make-up of our vehicle fleet
  • Developing a plan to implement composting at both our resort and campground facilities
  • Minimizing impacts and making sure to utilize our river resources in a sustainable manner
  • Planning our buying for our resort and campground to reduce waste and packaging

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