Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2017

July 26, 2017   |   Jul 26, 2017 - Comments (0)

Jumping aboard the pontoon boat, tonight’s tour group encountered a variety of wildlife. An osprey flew off towards the mountain. Several loons also made an appearance on nature’s stage! Book now to enjoy your own view of the peaceful and plentiful wildlife that Maine has to offer!


July 25, 2017   |   Jul 25, 2017 - Comments (0)

Today’s full day excursion encountered a variety of wildlife. Two eagles, nesting in the trees above, screeched happily. Several loons also swam alongside the lakes. Book now to join your own excursion into the Maine wilds!


July 24, 2017   |   Jul 24, 2017 - Comments (0)

Our full day wildlife tour encountered a flock of ducks, and Canadian geese. They also encountered a large heron and some loons, as did the morning tour group. The evening’s tour also encountered the large heron, as well as several ducks and loons. Book now to jump on our tour and join in the fun!


July 21,2017   |   Jul 22, 2017 - Comments (0)

The evening’s tour, though overcast, was a success! The group encountered loons, beavers, and two majestic birds. Bald eagles which flew overhead, enjoying the strong breeze and cool air. Book now to join in the fun, no matter the weather!


July 19, 2017   |   Jul 20, 2017 - Comments (0)

The morning’s tour started out upon Millinocket Lake. Cruising along, the group encountered two snapping turtles and several common loons. Several cormorants and two eagles cruised the skies, hunting for lunch. Near the end of the exciting tour, a large bull moose also appeared! The evening tour was equally successful. The group encountered another bull moose! Several beavers and loons were also in attendance. Book now to immerse yourself in Millinocket, Maine’s wildlife!


July 17, 2017   |   Jul 18, 2017 - Comments (0)

The evening’s tour group was a roaring success! The guests came across a cow moose and her calf. The cool evening breeze provided the perfect setting for the moose to graze comfortably in the ponds. Book now to enjoy your own summer night moose surprises!


July 15, 2017   |   Jul 15, 2017 - Comments (0)

The day’s tours were a wondrous success! The morning group saw three moose, one deer, and several of Maine’s wild birds. A bald eagle flew overhead, while loons and ducks swam alongside the boat. The evening tour also happened upon several loons. Part of the group also briefly glimpsed a cow moose, and a wild beaver made an appearance for the night. Book now to hop on your own wildlife extravaganza!


July 14th, 2017   |   Jul 15, 2017 - Comments (0)

The moose tour tonight had great success on our new pontoon boat! The guests saw not only four moose, one bull, and three deer, but also a cow and her two calves. It was certainly a great night on the water! To have your own amazing Maine summer experience, click the link above and book today!


July 13, 2017   |   Jul 13, 2017 - Comments (0)

This morning’s tour happened upon several of Maine’s majestic creatures. Two large bull moose made an appearance, as did several bald eagles and deer. The evening’s moose tour also discovered Maine’s wild side. Two more bull moose made an appearance! Book now to experience your own slice of heaven with Maine’s local wildlife!


July 12, 2017   |   Jul 13, 2017 - Comments (0)

With the high water levels, the moose were not as active today. However, the morning and evening tour encountered several herds of deer. They also encountered a hunting eagle and playful loons! Book with us now to join in the fun and beauty of Maine’s wildlife!


July 11, 2017   |   Jul 11, 2017 - Comments (0)

This evenings moose tour provided an up close and personal encounter with a loon. The animal splashed happily amongst the lakes waves. It called happily to the guests as they passed by. Book a tour today to experience the magic of your own wildlife encounter!


July 10, 2017   |   Jul 11, 2017 - Comments (0)

The warm summer evening’s tour brought out a menagerie of Maine’s creatures. On the banks of Millinocket lake, a large bull moose drank contentedly. Ecstatic guests also photographed loons who swam peacefully in the lake’s cool water! Eagles and ospreys filled the night sky, hunting for their next meal. Book a tour to experience the joys the Maine’s nighttime creatures can bring to your family, today!