Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2019

August 19, 2019   |   Aug 20, 2019 - Comments (0)

It was a drizzly morning here in Maine so Holly decided it was best to keep our tour on land today. The group of nine set out by van in search of the enormous wandering beast we call the moose. Despite her great effort, there were none to be seen, however they were able to spot one hawk. We will hope for better luck tomorrow.


August 18, 2019   |   Aug 20, 2019 - Comments (0)

After a rainy weekend the skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for our evening tour tonight. Our guide, Ken took a group for a relaxing boat ride with a gorgeous view of Mt. Katahdin. They enjoyed seeing several birds including loons, osprey, a blue heron and a belted kingfisher. A beaver and painted turtle were also spotted.


August 17, 2019   |   Aug 18, 2019 - Comments (0)

Seasoned Maine Guide, Glen was at the helm again and deftly maneuvered his trusty stead (aka, the NEOC pontoon) across Lake Millinocket and into the jaws of Mud Brook. Thirteen guests were counting on him for a glimpse of the famed Maine beast. Glen did not disappoint tonight as a cow MOOSE appeared. The group was also thrilled to see deer, loons snacking on fish, beaver and an osprey carrying a fish off for a late night meal. Of course, everyone was in awe of the scenery along the way and the gorgeous views of Katahdin.


August 16, 2019   |   Aug 17, 2019 - Comments (0)

We were dodging raindrops today on our morning tour but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our 6 guests. Although they didn’t see a moose they did see 11 loons and an osprey. After the rain cleared Glen was back on the boat for the evening tour which produced an abundance of wild life including some beaver, loons, geese, osprey, a bald eagle and of course a cow moose! Your hard work paid off Glen, good job.


August 15, 2019   |   Aug 16, 2019 - Comments (0)

We kept Glen busy today with two tours on the lake. The guests were elated to see 3 otters, 2 beaver, a turtle, 4 bald eagles, 10 loons, along with some osprey, king-fisher and a blue heron and some ducks.


August 14, 2019   |   Aug 16, 2019 - Comments (0)

Well, it was another busy day on the lake today with a total of 25 guests on our two tours. While they weren’t able to find a moose, they did see plenty of wildlife including some turtles, loons, osprey, a blue heron and a king- fisher.


August 13, 2019   |   Aug 16, 2019 - Comments (0)

Dave took a full boat load of guests this evening to see what they could find. They saw some beaver, loons and an osprey but the best sighting of the day was a cow moose swimming in Millinocket Lake. Great job Dave!!


August 11, 2019   |   Aug 16, 2019 - Comments (0)

It sure looks like we are on a roll this weekend. On our evening tour our guests were delighted to see a bull moose along with some loons and ducks. Hopefully we can keep this ball rolling!


August 10, 2019   |   Aug 16, 2019 - Comments (0)

Today Glen took a small group on the boat for an evening tour. They had a very successful trip which included the sighting of some beaver, an osprey, 16 loons and 3 moose, 2 bulls and 1 cow!


August 9, 2019   |   Aug 13, 2019 - Comments (0)

On our evening tour tonight we saw some beaver, loons, a bald eagle, blue heron, an osprey and a ring-necked duck with babies. Looks like those darn moose were in hiding again.


August 8, 2019   |   Aug 13, 2019 - Comments (0)

It was a fowl day here at the New England Outdoor Center. On our evening tour we saw 5 geese, 5 loons and a king fisher. Some days aren’t all they are quacked up to be…


August 6, 2019   |   Aug 08, 2019 - Comments (0)

Another day…another quest to find the great beast we call the moose. This morning Ken took a small group out on the lake in hot pursuit. They were able to see several different species of bird including a cormorant, king fisher, great blue heron, a family of mallards, loons and an osprey. OH…and they saw a young bull moose! In the evening we had a boat full of guests that had the thrill of seeing an osprey catch a fish. A fabulous day at NEOC.