Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2021

September 16, 2021   |   Sep 17, 2021 - Comments (0)

This morning was perfectly calm and sunny as Ken and his group of 6 ventured across Millinocket Lake. On their journey they caught sight of several loons, a wood duck, kingfishers and ducks. For the evening tour, Ken collected his group of 12 and again took to the water to see what they could see. As it turned out, they got to see a wide variety of wildlife including loons, 5 common mergansers, 2 bald eagles, 3 beaver and some freshly stocked salmon.


September 14, 2021   |   Sep 17, 2021 - Comments (0)

Ken had another busy day with 2 wildlife tours once again today. In the morning he set sail with his group of 10 and as they made their way towards Big Mud Brook they were blessed to see lots of loons, common mergansers, kingfishers, a bald eagle, a painted turtle and low and behold, a cow moose with her calf. In the evening, Ken took to the water once again with a group of 13. They were able to see 6 loons and 2 beaver along with the gorgeous views of Katahdin and Millinocket Lake.


September 13, 2021   |   Sep 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was a lovely evening with a hint of fall in the air as Ken gathered his large group of 14 and loaded them into the NEOC pontoon boat. As they set their sights on Big Mud Brook, they saw several loons and kingfishers and a bald eagle.


September 12, 2021   |   Sep 13, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today was a typical late summer day in Maine where we saw a wide variety of weather. It was sunny, rainy, windy and then back to sunny. Sterling was the guide for our evening wildlife tour and he had a full boat with 14 guests as he headed out on Millinocket Lake. They enjoyed a beautiful boat ride and had the pleasure of seeing 2 bald eagles as well.


September 11, 2021   |   Sep 12, 2021 - Comments (0)

On this somber day of remembrance, Ken was up and out on the lake bright and early with a nice couple from Virginia. Although they didn’t see any mammals, they were able to see 2 loons, 2 kingfishers and a bald eagle. Did I mention the views of Millinocket Lake with Katahdin standing proud in the background? Stunning!


September 10, 2021   |   Sep 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today was an extremely calm day on Millinocket Lake and Ken was pulling double duty with both the morning and evening wildlife tours. The day started out with a group of 4 boating over to Big Mud Brook and along the way seeing an osprey, loons, ducks and a kingfisher. As they entered Big Mud they saw a cow moose and then once they traveled into the brook they saw the same cow with twins that they saw yesterday. For the evening tour Ken and his group of 6 proceeded back across the lake and again saw the cow with twins along with a kingfisher and a double rainbow. We had a super day here at Twin Pines with a total of 7 moose sightings!


September 9, 2021   |   Sep 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

With heavy rain coming in this afternoon, Ken was thrilled to be able to get his group of 4 out on the NEOC pontoon boat for our morning wildlife tour. As they motored across the lake they were excited to see some loons, a cormorant, a bald eagle, both common mergansers and kingfishers and finally they saw the cow moose with twin calves that Ken hasn’t seen since June. What a great day in the shadow of Mt Katahdin!


September 8, 2021   |   Sep 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was a beautiful late summer morning and our Maine guide, Bob was on duty with an intimate group of 2. They set out for Big Mud Brook and along the way were able to see lots of loons and common mergansers along with several cormorants. Ken was back on the job for the evening tour and he gathered his group of 6 and headed out on Millinocket Lake. The group was happy to see a wide range of wildlife including a hummingbird, loons, common mergansers, a bald eagle, cormorants, black ducks, a juvenile eagle, kingfishers, a chimney swift and 2 beaver.


September 7, 2021   |   Sep 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

This morning we had a small group of 2 that joined Ken for the wildlife tour and he was able to get them out on the lake despite the windy conditions. They had the pleasure of seeing 2 cormorants, a loon, a cooper’s hawk, some kingfishers, a chimney swift and 4 bald eagles including a mother that was teaching her baby how to hunt. The pair shadowed the boat for most of the trip. In the evening they also went by boat and saw a hummingbird, 2 ducks, several loons and kingfishers, an osprey, 2 bald eagles and a beaver.


September 6, 2021   |   Sep 06, 2021 - Comments (0)

With stormy weather in the forecast for the evening, we only had a morning tour today and Ken was able to get out on the NEOC pontoon boat with his small group of 4. The sun was shining on Katahdin as they glided by and enjoyed the views. They saw lots of birds including loons, a cooper’s hawk, both black and wood ducks and 2 cormorants.


September 5, 2021   |   Sep 06, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today was a very busy day at Twin Pines and Ken was the guide for both the morning and afternoon wildlife tours. In the morning as they ventured towards Big Mud Brook, they saw 2 cormorants, loons, kingfishers, both wood ducks and black ducks and an eagle. In the evening they were out on the lake again and had the pleasure of seeing loons, cormorants, kingfishers, 2 ducks and a beaver.


September 4, 2021   |   Sep 06, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was a lovely day here in the Katahdin region and Ken took full advantage of that by getting his large group of 13 out on Millinocket Lake for a beautiful sunset ride. In addition to the gorgeous scenery they did get to see loons and kingfishers, black ducks and wood ducks and 3 beaver.