Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2019

June 3, 2018   |   Jun 06, 2018 - Comments (0)

Our moose devotees were not disappointed this time. Maine guide, Dave led the group to Mud Brook, where a bull moose was spotted along with a few loons. Hooray!


June 2, 2018   |   Jun 06, 2018 - Comments (0)

We enjoyed the views on the drive out to Baxter State Park and during our trek through the woods to Sandy Stream. We spotted a deer and were greeted by a few loons at Sandy Stream. Unfortunately, nothing was seen of a moose but their tracks. Better luck next time!


June 1, 2018   |   Jun 01, 2018 - Comments (0)

No luck this morning spotting the massive beast known in these parts as a MOOSE. We enjoyed the gorgeous views and spotted a few mergansers and a cormorant out on Mud Brook.


May 21, 2018   |   May 21, 2018 - Comments (0)

Moose! We spied a yearling bull, who was sporting stubs for antlers. He was in the water feeding on (and obviously enjoying) the fresh spring greens in Sandy Stream Pond. Whether you’ve seen a moose one time or a million times, it never gets old. Baxter State Park was lit up with vibrant greens of Spring and the views were spectacular today.


May 20, 2018   |   May 20, 2018 - Comments (0)

The moose were playing hide and seek today, perhaps they were underwater, holding their breath to evade our sight! In any case, we did not see a moose. We did, however, enjoy stunning views from our comfortable van as we traversed the famed Golden Road and drove threw Baxter State Park. Gorgeous views of Katahdin, as usual. We saw a few ducks floating around on the tranquil waters of Compass and River Ponds. A hawk soared overhead as we took in the lovely view.


October 19, 2017   |   Oct 20, 2017 - Comments (0)

We arrived at Sandy Stream Pond and ALAS, we saw a moose! Glen our guide has a keen sight for the wildlife and saw the moose afar.  We then boogied on foot to reach the bull moose on the other side of the pond. It was a great sight indeed!


October 14, 2017   |   Oct 16, 2017 - Comments (0)

Today we had two moose/wildlife tours. During our morning tour on the Pontoon boat, we had a partial moose sighting. It’s been a bit of a challenge to catch a look lately, so that was very exciting for us! We also saw loon, geese, and fabulous views of the mountain and fall foliage!


October 12, 2017   |   Oct 14, 2017 - Comments (0)

Spectacular color and views abounded today! We had a coyote and the occasional squirrel or duck for company but unfortunately no moose joined the tour today.


October 10, 2017   |   Oct 10, 2017 - Comments (0)

Foliage was absolutely radiant today! A beaver was swimming around in Stump Pond in Baxter State Park. At River Pond we also saw lots of ducks. It seems the wildlife were appreciating the beauty of Autumn as well.


October 9, 2017   |   Oct 10, 2017 - Comments (0)

Today, bright colors of fall surrounded us as we explored the golden road in hopes of seeing some wildlife. We happened to stumble upon a deer and a few ducks. It was wonderful day of fall and fun!


October 8, 2017   |   Oct 09, 2017 - Comments (0)

We had an enjoyable and relaxing trip with guide, Dave, leading the way. The group ventured down the famed Golden Road with high hopes of spotting a moose but it seems the moose had other plans. In addition to enjoying spectacular fall colors, the group saw deer, ducks and geese.


October 7, 2017   |   Oct 08, 2017 - Comments (0)

Our fearless guide, Glen, made a valiant effort to locate a moose–any moose–but no luck today. We were lucky in the bird department, though, as we saw an eagle, a few loons and various ducks. A good time was had by all!