Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2021

June 19, 2021   |   Jun 20, 2021 - Comments (0)

Maine Guide, Ken ran a Full Day Wildlife Tour via pontoon today (with the morning Moose Tour group joining them for first part of the day). Ken took the evening Moose Tour group via van due to weather conditions. It was a fabulous day for wildlife spotting across the board!

On the morning tour they spotted a cow and her calf (Yay!) and also were happy to see 5 loons, a bald eagle, 2 geese and a deer as well as beautiful scenery along the way.

In the afternoon, on the second half of the Full Day Wildlife Tour they saw 2 Common Goldeneye, numerous loons a snapping turtle and a beaver!… AND yes, they did see a MOOSE— A BULL MOOSE to be exact! They were also treated to a beautiful rainbow! I wonder if the moose ran off with the pot of gold?…

The evening moose tour went via van to Telos/Rip Dam and Compass Pond, they did not spot a moose but saw a Hairy Woodpecker, loons, chimney swifts, a snapping turtle and a deer.


June 17, 2021   |   Jun 18, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today Ken had double duty again with a morning and evening tour that were both able to go via pontoon boat. In the morning they spied some loons, a beaver and not 1…not 2…but 3 moose, 2 cows and 1 bull. On the evening boat ride they scored once again with the spotting of several ducks, 1 loon, a beaver, a muskrat and not to out-do himself but 4 moose this time, a bull, a cow with calf and another cow. 7 moose total for the day! Now that is a season best so far, stay tuned to see if he can beat that.


June 16, 2021   |   Jun 18, 2021 - Comments (0)

On this bright sunny evening, Ken was able to get his small group out on the NEOC pontoon boat for some wildlife searching and sightseeing. As usual, they made their way towards Big Mud Brook and along the way saw a bald eagle, a loon, 3 beaver, some ducks and once they reached the fore bay they spotted this momma moose with her twins. Great photo Ken!

Photo courtesy of Ken Gross

June 14, 2021   |   Jun 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

With the weather forecast calling for some much needed rain today, Ken took advantage of the dry start and got his group of 8 out on Millinocket Lake for our morning wildlife tour. As they headed across the lake they saw 3 loons, a bull frog and a bald eagle. As soon as they pulled into Big Mud Brook they were amazed to see 2 bull moose and 1 cow. It was like they were the welcoming committee waiting to greet the boat. On the evening tour due to the very strong winds, Ken took his small group by van up the Golden Rd. Along with a chimney swift, grouse and northern flicker they had the pleasure of seeing a bull and a cow moose. A 5 moose day, great job Ken!


June 13, 2021   |   Jun 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

After another gorgeous day here at Twin Pines our Maine Guide, Sterling set his sights on Big Mud Brook and ventured out on the pontoon with his group of 5. It was a calm and sunny evening and the views of Katahdin were breathtaking. The group was able to see 8 loons, 3 beaver and several ducks however the moose seemed to be resting after a busy weekend. Better luck next time!


June 11, 2021   |   Jun 12, 2021 - Comments (0)

The morning was serene yet a bit chilly as Ken set out by boat in search of some Maine wildlife. The group of 8 guests were delighted to see some loons, ducks, 3 nesting Canada geese, a snapping turtle and a bull moose. For the evening tour, with Ken at the wheel of the NEOC pontoon boat once again, the group motored towards Big Mud Brook and saw a plethora of wildlife. There were loons, 4 common goldeneyes, 3 Canada geese, 2 beaver and 2 bulls and a cow moose all together near the sike. All of this in the shadow of the great Katahdin, what more could you ask for?


June 10, 2021   |   Jun 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

As the humidity of the last few days finally broke it was a beautiful sunny day at Twin Pines and Ken was able to get back out on the lake for the evening tour. They saw the usual birds including loons, common goldeneyes, ducks and a pileated woodpecker along with a beaver and an otter swimming on it’s back and diving for fish. But the stars of the show were the cow and bull moose that they saw in Big Mud Brook. June is the best time to see our enormous Maine icon so book your tour today!


June 9, 2021   |   Jun 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

This evening, with 25 mph wind gusts, Ken decided it was best to stay on land so he loaded his small group in the NEOC van and they headed up the Golden Road for parts unknown. At the Dry-ki forest just before Compass Pond they spotted a cow moose, they then stopped at River Pond just in time to catch sight of a bull moose. As they continued up the Telos Rd they saw another bull moose along with some chimney swifts, both a hairy and a pileated woodpecker, some ducks and several lady slippers in bloom. Now that is what I call an action packed tour!


June 8, 2021   |   Jun 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

On this unseasonably warm morning our guide, Ken took his small group out on the NEOC pontoon boat to see what they could see. On the way to Big Mud Brook they were thrilled to see some loons, common goldeneyes, Canada geese, a bald eagle, a turkey vulture and a cow and bull moose. On the afternoon tour, our Maine Guide, Bob gathered up his group of 7 and headed out on Millinocket Lake. They also saw lots of wildlife including a turtle, some beaver, loons and 2 moose. What a great day at the New England Outdoor Center!


June 7, 2021   |   Jun 08, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was an unusually hot and humid June day here in the Katahdin Region so our Maine Guide, Ken took advantage of the opportunity to get his private tour of 2 out on the water for both the morning and the evening trip. In the morning they had much success as they were able to see several loons, a beaver, a hawk, the rare sighting of a dragonfly emerging from nymph and of course 3 bull moose, one with an extremely large rack! The evening tour was equally exciting as they saw loons, 2 beaver, a duck and both a bull and a cow moose that were hanging out in the sike. It was a spectacular day on Millinocket Lake!


June 5, 2021   |   Jun 06, 2021 - Comments (0)

Maine Guide, Ken ran a morning and an evening tour on Millinocket Lake today…

The morning group hit the jackpot with numerous wildlife sightings and a MOOSE sighting! In addition to seeing a cow (female moose), they spotted loons, a muskrat, 2 Canada geese with 5 goslings, a pileated woodpecker, snapping turtles and 3 Common Goldeneyes!

On the evening tour, the moose were nowhere to be found but the group enjoyed seeing loons, numerous busy beavers, chimney swifts, common goldeneyes and a cormorant. Guests enjoyed spectacular views of Katahdin and the surrounding area on both tours.


June 4, 2021   |   Jun 06, 2021 - Comments (0)

Guests enjoyed a private sight-seeing tour on Millinocket Lake today. Ken manned the helm of the NEOC pontoon as they made there way around the lake. The wildlife were not cooperating today but it was a relaxing ride with stunning views of Katahdin. All in all a very pleasant trip…