Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2020

September 28, 2020   |   Sep 28, 2020 - Comments (0)

On this humid yet cloudy morning our Maine guide, Dave took a small group out on the pontoon boat for a foliage/wildlife tour. Although Katahdin was hiding in the clouds today, the foliage around the lake was breathtaking. They did manage to see lots of ducks and loons but the colorful leaves definitely took center stage this morning.


September 27, 2020   |   Sep 28, 2020 - Comments (0)

We kept Ken busy today with both our morning and afternoon wildlife tours. He was able to get out on the lake for both tours and the combined total of wildlife sightings was, many loons and ducks, 8 Canada geese and 3 bald eagles.


September 26, 2020   |   Sep 28, 2020 - Comments (0)

On this unseasonably warm and sunny afternoon, Ken and his group of 5 headed out on Millinocket Lake for a little sight seeing and wildlife watching. As they sauntered over towards Big Mud Brook they took in the beauty of the fall foliage surrounding the great Katahdin. They had the pleasure of seeing 3 common mergansers, 5 Canada geese, several ducks and a bald eagle.


September 25, 2020   |   Sep 28, 2020 - Comments (0)

After a well deserved day off yesterday, our Maine guide, Ken was rested and ready for his afternoon tour. He gathered his group and set out on the pontoon boat for Big Mud Brook. The sightings for the day included several king fishers, ducks, both a juvenile and an adult bald eagle and 2 otters.


September 23, 2020   |   Sep 24, 2020 - Comments (0)

With fall in full swing here at NEOC, our Maine guide, Ken was again pulling double duty today as he guided our two daily wildlife tours. On this bright and sunny morning he was able to get out on Millinocket Lake with his group of 2 in tow. As they motored across the lake they were able to see a kingfisher, ducks, geese and loons, along with 2 bald eagles. But then, as they meandered by Sandy Beach they caught sight of not 1, not 2, but 3 moose! There was a cow, a calf and a young bull standing right on the beach! For the afternoon tour the wind had picked up so Ken decided it was best to go by van. As they headed up to the Sofa Pit they saw a grouse and a great blue heron. What a great day!


September 22, 2020   |   Sep 23, 2020 - Comments (0)

It was a blustery day here in the Katahdin region as hurricane Teddy was passing by the coast of Maine, sending his winds inland. Due to the unsafe conditions on the lake, Ken opted to take his small group by van this afternoon. He headed up the Telos Rd and they encountered a bald eagle, some northern flickers, a ruffed grouse, Canada geese and an American bittern. Sounds like a very interesting variety of birds.


September 21, 2020   |   Sep 23, 2020 - Comments (0)

Ken was at it again this afternoon and he was able to take his group on the NEOC pontoon for a fall boat ride/wildlife tour. As they puttered through the lake en route for Big Mud Brook, they were delighted to see a bald eagle, a cooper’s hawk, some loons and ducks, common mergansers, kingfishers and 8 green wing teals.


September 20, 2020   |   Sep 23, 2020 - Comments (0)

On this lovely afternoon, our Maine guide, Ken took his group of 5 across the lake in search of some wildlife. The group spotted 2 loons, several ducks, and a kingfisher. They heard what they believed to be a moose as there was a big crash in the woods but it must have been heading in the opposite direction. Better luck next time.


September 19, 2020   |   Sep 23, 2020 - Comments (0)

Dave was the guide for our afternoon wildlife tour today and they were once again able to go by pontoon boat which always makes our guests happy. There is nothing quite like a boat ride in the shadow of the great Katahdin. Along the way to Big Mud Brook they crossed paths with some loons, common mergansers, kingfishers, Canada geese and a beaver.


September 18, 2020   |   Sep 23, 2020 - Comments (0)

It was a chilly 35 degree morning here at Twin Pines and our Maine guide, Dave took his bundled up group of 5 out on the pontoon boat and headed for Big Mud Brook. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery but unfortunately didn’t see much wildlife other than a loon and some kingfishers. For our afternoon/evening tour Ken was the man behind the wheel and the small group of 2 set out on the lake to see what they could see. With the exception of a beaver, they saw all birds including a dozen plus common mergansers, 7 black ducks, a cooper’s hawk, an osprey, several loons and kingfishers.


September 17, 2020   |   Sep 18, 2020 - Comments (0)

On this bright and mild day we had our Maine guide, Ken doing double duty once again. For the morning tour, he took his small group of 2 on the NEOC pontoon boat and headed across the lake. They encountered several loons and ducks including 6 black ducks, 2 kingfisher and a bald eagle. For our afternoon/evening tour Ken went back out on the lake with a larger group of 6 and they motored over to Big Mud Brook where they were captivated by the sight of 6 geese, many loons and ducks, kingfishers, 2 otter and the rare viewing of an osprey fighting with a cooper’s hawk.


September 16, 2020   |   Sep 17, 2020 - Comments (0)

On this sunny afternoon our Maine guide, Ken once again set his sights on Big Mud Brook with his group of 3 guests in tow. It was a little on the breezy side but they still managed to get a lovely pontoon ride across the lake with the beautiful Katahdin taking center stage. Black ducks, common mergansers, loons, kingfishers and a common green darner were all seen during their journey.