Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2022

May 7th, 2022   |   May 08, 2022 - Comments (0)

BULL MOOSE! The first day back for the season and Maine Guide, Ken located a BULL MOOSE for his guests on the van tour! Everyone was thrilled to have a moose all to themselves for about 10 minutes of closeup viewing!

Other creatures that made an appearance: a Bald Eagle, a Ruffed Grouse, a Broad-winged Hawk, Mallards, Common Mergansers, a Canada Goose and a snowshoe hare…


October 22, 2021   |   Oct 23, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today, Ken guided his 182nd and final wildlife tour of the season. He was able to get out on Millinocket Lake one last time before the NEOC pontoon boat is taken out for the winter. The intimate group of 2 had a beautiful, calm ride around the lake where they had the pleasure of seeing not only ducks, cormorants and geese but also the beautiful sky surrounding the majestic Katahdin. We had an incredible year and would like to thank all of our guests and also our guides for all of their efforts. See everyone in the spring!


October 17, 2021   |   Oct 21, 2021 - Comments (0)

What a busy season it has been for us here at the New England Outdoor Center! This morning Ken set out on his 180th wildlife tour of the season with a single guest in tow. They boarded the pontoon boat and were able to see loons and ducks, geese, ravens, a Canada jay, a cormorant and an eagle. On the evening tour the group of 4 headed up the Golden Rd to River and Compass Ponds then on to Stump Pond and Sandy Stream Pond where they saw 2 common mergansers.


October 16, 2021   |   Oct 21, 2021 - Comments (0)

It’s that time of year again when our wildlife tours are gradually coming to an end however Ken was able to get out on Millinocket Lake this morning with a group of 5. As they set their sights on Big Mud Brook, they were happy to see loons and ducks, cormorants, geese and an eagle. The foliage is still holding strong so they were also blessed with the gorgeous colors of fall in New England.


October 14, 2021   |   Oct 15, 2021 - Comments (0)

Today was intermittently cloudy but there was no rain in sight as Ken gathered his group of 6 and boarded the NEOC pontoon boat for the evening wildlife tour. As they ventured towards Big Mud Brook they saw loons, common mergansers, ring neck ducks, Canada geese and 3 beaver along with the breathtaking sunset below. Not a bad day at the office!

Photo by Ken Gross

October 13, 2021   |   Oct 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was another spectacular day here in the Katahdin region and once again, Ken had a large group of 13 for the evening wildlife tour. As they made their way across Millinocket Lake they were able to catch sight of several loons and ducks, geese, kingfishers, a ring neck duck, an eagle and 2 beaver. Just as the boat was nearing the dock the entire sky turned the most beautiful color of pink that you have ever seen.


October 12, 2021   |   Oct 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

On this 77 degree day, Ken had a full boat of 13 guests as he headed over to Big Mud Brook. On the trip they saw loons and ducks, Canada geese, an eagle and 4 beaver along with a gorgeous sunset and the stunning fall foliage on the surrounding hills.


October 11, 2021   |   Oct 14, 2021 - Comments (0)

This morning we had dense fog enveloping the lake so Ken took his group of 6 by van up the Golden Rd and to the Sofa Pit. They did have the pleasure of seeing a bald eagle and some Canada jays but they also saw duck hunters and moose hunters…lots of orange today. For the evening tour, he was able to get out on the pontoon boat and they did see several loons and ducks, an eagle, a kingfisher, several geese, a Canada jay, a lesser scaub and a beaver.


October 10, 2021   |   Oct 11, 2021 - Comments (0)

Although this morning started off a bit foggy, Ken decided to be adventurous and loaded his group of 5 onto the NEOC pontoon boat and they set out into the fog and mist. As luck would have it, the fog lifted fairly soon and they all enjoyed the beauty of Katahdin with all of the beautiful colors around it. They also saw loons and geese, common mergansers, Canada jays, an eagle and a kingfisher. In the evening, Ken was back on the lake with a group of 6 and on the way towards Big Mud Brook they were delighted to see loons and geese, common mergansers, a kingfisher and an eagle, a lesser scaup and a beaver. They were all in awe of the stunning pink sky at sunset. Another great day in the books!


October 9, 2021   |   Oct 10, 2021 - Comments (0)

Peak Foliage weekend is here in Northern Maine and there is beauty as far as the eye can see and there are lots of leaf peepers here to enjoy it. On our morning wildlife tour Ken and his group of 8 ventured out on the lake and encountered several types of bird including common mergansers, cormorants, 3 bald eagles and a juvenile eagle, a lesser scaup, wood ducks, geese, ring necked ducks and 2 deer. In the evening, Ken had a pretty full boat with 13 guests and they were able to find several loons, cormorants, common mergansers and 3 beaver.


October 8, 2021   |   Oct 09, 2021 - Comments (0)

It was another sunny morning and our Maine guide, Ken was up bright and early with a small group of 2 in search of some wildlife. They set out on the lake heading towards Big Mud Brook where they were pleased to see loons and wood ducks, cormorants and a kingfisher. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they saw the cow moose with twins that we enjoyed all summer. In the evening the group of 3 loaded into the NEOC van and Ken drove them up the Golden Rd to the Telos Rd where they encountered some partridge hunters and duck hunters and a few blue jays.


October 7, 2021   |   Oct 08, 2021 - Comments (0)

What a beautiful week it has been here at Twin Pines! Ken was busy again today with double duty and headed out on Millinocket Lake in the morning with an intimate group of 2. They were able to see 2 loons, a wood duck, some migrating geese and the interesting sight of a pickerel trying to eat a perch that was floating on the top of the water. In the afternoon we had a high of 72 degrees and a group of 7 that were thrilled to board the NEOC pontoon. They saw a cormorant, ducks, a kingfisher, 2 eagles, 6 geese and 3 beaver along with the gorgeous fall colors surrounding the majestic Katahdin.