Outdoorsy Wedding with an Epic View

Have a look at what Sara & Tommy pulled off for their wedding at the New England Outdoor Center.

Sara’s been coming to Maine from Virginia with her family since she was a girl. The Millinocket region and Baxter State Park hold a deep and special meaning, and she’s climbed Katahdin at least 20 times, by her count. So, when the moment came to choose a location for her wedding, she and her fiancé Tommy didn’t hesitate.

“Tommy and I had visited the New England Outdoor Center (NEOC) a few years previously, and sitting on the dock one warm summer day, we discussed what a beautiful place this would be to get married,” recalls Sara. Fast forward a few years and it happened in epic fashion – with 135 guests, a stellar 3-day weekend chock full of fun for the entire wedding party, delicious food wine and beer, great music, lots of dancing, and memories to last a lifetime.

Looking at their wedding pictures, one gets the feeling that for an outdoorsy couple like Sara and Tommy, NEOC was not just the best choice, it was the only choice.

Not only did they pull off one of the most photogenic weddings ever, they managed to draw all 135 guests up to the North Woods, many of whom were traveling from the bride and groom’s hometowns of Richmond, Virginia, and Washington DC.  It was a haul, but worth every mile.

Looking back on her wedding day, Sara says a few things really stood out:

  1. The Location – saying yes on the shores of Millinocket Lake and in the shadow of Katahdin was everything Sara and Tommy could have dreamed of. The couple has hiked Katahdin many times together and consider it one of their favorite places on earth.
  2. The Food – Sara worked with NEOC wedding planner Shorey Ewing to carefully select the meal choices over the 3-day affair – from the smallish rehearsal dinner on Thursday, to the large welcome BBQ on Friday, to the upscale wedding dinner on Saturday, and, finally, the Brunch Buffet on Sunday morning. “Everyone raved about the food,” says Sara.
  3. The Lodging – The wedding party took over the entire NECO property, including all 20 cabins. These large and comfortable lakeside cabins provide plenty of space for relaxing, enjoying views of the lake, and enjoying downtime between all of the wedding festivities and activities.
  4. Things to Do – There’s something for everyone at NEOC. Guests went paddle boarding and canoeing on the lake, others went hiking and exploring into Baxter State Park, some went biking riding, others relaxed lakeside and read, played ping-pong, took saunas, and relaxed with other wedding guests.
  5. The Staff – Weddings are a team effort and, on this front, NEOC did not disappoint. Sara and Tommy relied heavily on NEOC to provide for all the needs of the wedding party.  Particularly helpful were the wedding planner, Shorey, and her team who tended to every detail and made sure that Sara and Tommy could relax and enjoy their special weekend without having to worry about logistics.

Bottom Line:  If you love Maine, and you’re looking for a stellar location to tie the knot, check out what NEOC has to offer. Our wedding and event planners are here to answer your questions and help you plan the most spectacular wedding ever.

Contact us at 207-723-5438 and speak to Shorey at extension 1004 or email [email protected] Congratulations and we look forward to helping you plan your wedding.