June 21, 2022

Ken was at the helm of the NEOC pontoon this morning as he and his group of 8 made there way across Millinocket Lake towards Mud Brook. The sun was shining brightly and the views were spectacular! The wildlife did not disappoint tonight. Everyone was delighted to see loons, cormorants, common mergansers, Canadian geese, 2 deer, an adult eagle and a juvenile eagle—but WAIT there’s more! A skittish cow moose made a quick appearance and then jumped back into the woods but a second cow moose hung out for a bit for everyone to observe. What a fun trip!

The evening tour went by pontoon and was also filled with wildlife sightings. Ken had a group of 12 this time and they enjoyed seeing an eagle, loons, a beaver and a ring-necked duck but were thrilled to be able to watch a BULL MOOSE for quite a while and after that sighting, they also saw a cow moose!