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TP Snowmobile Club - TRAIL REPORTS AND GROOMING REPORTS BELOW - SCROLL DOWN PAGE - Thank you! The Twin Pine Snowmobile Club has a fleet of 250 horsepower BR 400 Bombardier diesel groomers (used by major ski resorts) and a dedicated staff of snowmobile trail groomers. The Club makes sure over 130 miles of Maine snowmobile trails in the Katahdin region of Northern Maine are groomed as often as the weather and conditions allow.

Trail Report, 2015

Jan 29, 2015 | 12:25 pm

January 30, 2015

Report from Matagamon: Groomed to Bowlin; 85 to 114 and the Club Trail; 85 North.  All done and in great condition!


Jan 29, 2015

Last night – Wed 1/28 the Twin Pines Snowmobile Club – groomed 86 – to Abol store (Abol are grooming P Pond today).  We groomed Central Street in town Millinocket.  We groomed 85/85 – The pole Line, The State Road, Logan Pond Trail and the Stacyville Road and the South Twin Connector.

On January 28 the Jo Mary Riders groomed the following trails: 109 to ITS 86; 109 towards ITS 83; Black Pond trail; 111 connector (original trail by Ragged Mtn. now open); Wildwoods; Millinocket/Downtown trail.  The B Pond trail, the Greenwood/Gauntlet trail, the Parkway trail (including the scenic loop) and the 109 to 111 x-over will be groomed today.
The Sno-Rovers Club groomed North to Whetstone; South Twin; South to Endless Lake..all Excellent!!


January 26, 2015

Grooming of all trails will commence on Wednesday night (1/28) at the end of the storm.

January 22, 2015

Trail Report from the Katahdin Region:  We (Twin Pines Snowmobile Club) are actively grooming our trails..Conditions are generally good with some sections that are icy and/or bare due to last weekend’s rain and warm weather.  Please review the specific grooming reports for updates on the various trails.  Jo Mary Riders has groomed their entire trail system..The surface was hard due to the rain & warm temps last weekend. They were able to “rejuvenate” the trail surfaces and turn everything into packed powder. There are no bare spots anywhere and the trails are good to excellent. We advise caution in some area as there are ruts in the trail. The lakes are void of any snow so PLEASE don’t ride on them! Shin Pond groomed towards Whetstone on 1/21 and are heading in the other direction 1/22.  Their trails are not bad and all snow covered – no dirt.  Kokadjo is also grooming.

January 16, 2015

Regarding the washout at the trestle: There is an ice jam causing the washout.  This section cannot be groomed until the ice jam breaks up or can be cleared up in some form. It will be taken care of as soon as we are able to…stay tuned.

January 15, 2015

Good news from the Katahdin Region. Logging operations are complete on the Staceyville roads ITS 86 East from Millinocket and the Logan Pond Trails and our groomers are out working the banks back into the trail as I type. Assuming Abol grooms west to Penobscot Pond, the Twin Pines system should be complete and open by Friday night. Conditions are generally good to very good with the exception of in town trails and the Pole Line. The Wild Kingdom trail is still a question mark for grooming and should be avoided until we post that it has been groomed! There is currently flooding on the trail in town to the hotels along Millinocket Stream. Riders in town should trailer to the Timber Cruisers.

Jo Mary Riders 1/13 & 1/14:  Groomed the following trails..109 Connector from S. Twin to ITS 86; Black Pond Trail (raod is plowed on West end of trail); P.P. X-over; 111 Connector; B Pond Trail; From B Pond to the 110 (for Brownville); Millinocket /Downtown Trail; Opened NEW 109 Connector towards Medway due to logging on the existing trail. ALL trails are in good to excellent condition!

As of today 1/7/15 (Wednesday) we (Twin Pines Snowmobile Club) have groomed to the Baxter State Park Gate (where the Perimeter Road in the park starts). The BSP Gate is open – note the perimeter road is in Baxter State park and is not a groomed snowmobiling trail – if you take if it will bring you to Matagamon Gate and store – they are open and have gas). If you are traveling from here (River Drivers | NEOC | Twin Pines) – most likely you will have to return on this road through the Park as the Stacyville Road and the Logan Pond Trail (are closed due to logging (until next week) – so plan accordingly.

Penobscot Pond Trail (ITS 85/86 – KLT) Today we are grooming past Abol Store and to Penobscot Pond – this joins up with Kokajo and they are open and grooming – Hurrah!

Stacyville Road & Logan Pond Trail – there is still logging on these trails and they are not open for riding YET. They should be within the next week – i.e. by 1/14/15 (or thereabouts) we will let you know once we have the go ahead from the landowners. The Logan Pond bridge was replaced this fall – so once we get to groom that, riding will be good, but you can’t ride through that trail yet

Pole Line and Millinocket In Town Trails: we have groomed the Pole Line – it is rideable but rough – we did the work to prepare the base for the next snowfall. We have not groomed in town and will do so once it snows. So plan on starting your riding out here on the lake – you can just park in the River Driver’s parking lot or over by the State Road and head out. Waiting for other updates and will keep you posted with updates for this weekend.

Book your sleds or lodging at 800-766-7238. The River Drivers Restaurant (on ITS 85/86 north of Millinocket) is open for food & snowmobile Gas and Lodging is available at NEOC|Twin Pines.

Jo-Mary Riders are grooming – so you will have riding in that area this week/weekend!

Sno-Rovers – Groomed South to Endless Lake and north to whetstone, (ITS 83) they also groomed the south twin connector before this last storm.

Matagamon Store – is open for business and gas – visit them. They have groomed both North and South ITS 85 and the race track to 71-D. No dirt showing anywhere!! The North gate in Baxter is now open if you ride through the Park. The Lake has made lots of ice these last few night!! Come on in for some great food, great conversation and a warm sit!!! Open this weekend!!! See you then!!

Shin Pond – are grooming some today Wednesday and will be open this weekend – they will post later regarding what is groomed.

Questions – call 207-723-5438 or 800-766-7238 or email Thank you





Grooming Report: Twin Pine Snowmobile Club

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Jan 25, 2015 Towards S. Twin & Downtown TrailsGroomed 1/24 - decent condition
Jan 25, 2015 Logan Pond Trail / 86Groomed Jan 24 - Decent/Passable - OK until you hit the plowed section..minimal coverage
Jan 24, 2015 Staceyville to WhetstoneGood condition MOST of the way. Be Aware: From Huber Rd to the Logan Pond Intersection Flat..BUT NEEDS SNOW - some hard dirt.
Jan 22, 2015 Towards Huber RdDecent - not bad - however, 8 miles in very icy & bare spots
Jan 22, 2015 Groomed to the hotelsPassable - thin snow cover - use caution
Jan 22, 2015 Abol TrailGroomed 1/21 - portions are good - there is a 400 yd stretch that is bare. Snow on either side of this section.
Jan 22, 2015 The Pole LineGroomed 1/21 - great condition!
Jan 16, 2015 Wild KingdomGroomed last night..decent conditions. There are a few water spots that impact the trail..Use caution!
Dec 29, 2014 Perimiter Road - in Baxter State ParkThis is not a groomed trail - at the moment the Gate is Closed - so no access to the Perimiter Road through the Park

Grooming Report: East Branch Sno-Rovers

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Jan 29, 2015 North to Whetstone; South Twin; South to Endless Lake-Groomed 1/28-29Excellent!!
Jan 01, 2015 Sno-Rovers called to report plans to groom Its83 to Cedar Lake and South Twin tonightPending Groomer reports

Grooming Report: Jo-Mary Riders

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Jan 22, 2015 Jo Mary Trails Jan 20-21..Groomed the entire Jo Mary trail system.The surface was hard due to the rain & warm temps last weekend. We were able to

Grooming Report: Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Area

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
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