Snowmobile Trail Report Maine


Trail Report, 2015

Apr 17, 2015 | 3:23 pm

Spring is finally here and it’s time to put away the snow toys. Winter 2015 will be remembered for the amounts of snow and the colder than usual temperatures, which contributed to some great riding. The rentals have been moved to summer storage. The groomers made their last trip and came home to Twin Pine Camps. Our last snowmobiling customer left Twin Pines this morning and headed for home, happy for the end of season ride. (Who would have thought he would still be riding 80 miles on April 16th!). The New England Outdoor Center wishes to thank you for coming to visit us this past winter. Whether you rented a cabin or snowmobile, ate at the River Drivers Restaurant, purchased gas or just stopped by to say hello, you made our season a success! Warmer temperatures are here and our first Whitewater Rafting trip is next weekend. Have you planned your Whitewater Rafting Trip yet? What about one of our Moose Tours? It’s good to plan early. See you on the River!! Yours in the Spirit of Adventure, The New England Outdoor Center


Grooming Report: Twin Pine Snowmobile Club

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Apr 17, 2015 Local Trails behind hotels
Apr 17, 2015 Wild Kingdom Trail
Apr 17, 2015 85-86 Abol Trail
Apr 17, 2015 State Road - ITS 85/86 (Millinocket Lake to Baxter SP Gate)
Apr 17, 2015 Pole Line - ITS 85/86
Apr 17, 2015 Logan Pond Trail
Apr 17, 2015 109 Connector- to Suspension Bridge
Apr 17, 2015 85-86 to Whetstone
Apr 17, 2015 112 Connector

Grooming Report: East Branch Sno-Rovers

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Apr 17, 2015 East Millinocket Local Trails
Apr 17, 2015 ITS 83 North to Whetstone Groomed
Apr 17, 2015 ITS 83 South to Cedar Lake, South Twin and Endless Lake

Grooming Report: Jo-Mary Riders

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Apr 17, 2015 109 to 111 x-over
Apr 17, 2015 #111 Connector & Wildwoods
Apr 17, 2015 B Pond Trail
Apr 17, 2015 Black Pond Trail
Apr 17, 2015 Groomed 109 North
Apr 17, 2015 Parkway Trail including the Scenic Loop
Apr 17, 2015 Ragged Mountain
Apr 17, 2015 Greenwood Mountain/Gauntlet Falls including scenic overlook
Apr 17, 2015 P.P. x-over trail
Apr 17, 2015 Fire Tower Trail

Grooming Report: Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Area

Date Trail Groomed Trail Conditions
Apr 17, 2015 From Mattagamon south on 114 to Bowlin Pond. From Shin Pond south to Whetstone Bridge.
The Twin Pine Snowmobile Club has a fleet of 250 horsepower BR 400 Bombardier diesel groomers (used by major ski resorts) and a dedicated staff of snowmobile trail groomers. The Club makes sure over 130 miles of Maine snowmobile trails in the Katahdin region of Northern Maine are groomed as often as the weather and conditions allow.