Maine Moose Tours Report

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Moose Report, 2016

July 24th Moose Tour Report   |   Jul 25, 2016 - Comments (0)

This was a busy day for wildlife sightings – we saw 2 Big Bull Moose, 2 Deer, Eagles and Loons. Call and book your tour now! 800-766-7238


July 15, 2016   |   Jul 15, 2016 - Comments (0)

This mornings boat tour was a warm one, but we spotted 1 Moose, some Loons and some Kingfishers.


July 13, 2016   |   Jul 14, 2016 - Comments (0)

Today’s sightings include 2 Bull Moose, 1 Cow, 1 Deer and some Loons with their babies.


July 9,2016   |   Jul 11, 2016 - Comments (0)

It was a great weekend for our Moose Tours!  We saw 2 different big bull moose, 1 fox, a beaver, an eagle, some ducks and loons.  This is a great time to book a Moose Tour with your family.

Fox Life

July 3,2016   |   Jul 04, 2016 - Comments (0)

July is a great time to see Moose and other wildlife on one of our tours.  Today we saw 1 Moose, 2 Fox, 3 Geese and 1 Osprey.

moose swimming

June 30,2016   |   Jul 01, 2016 - Comments (0)

It was a busy day for our moose tour.  Our guest were treated to 2 moose, 1 cow with a calf, 5 deer and believe it or not 1 swimming coyote and 1 swimming squirrel.  Come see what the Maine woods has to offer.

loons on the lake

June 28,2016   |   Jun 29, 2016 - Comments (0)

Lots of activity on our pm Moose Tour to Sandy Stream Pond, Compass Pond and River Pond.  Our guest spotted 3 Moose, a Beaver, Loons and Golden Eyes with Chicks.  Book your trip today you won’t be disappointed!


June 24, 2016   |   Jun 25, 2016 - Comments (0)

Our registered Maine Guide, Jesika took a group of 6 people out on a Moose Tour tonight.  They were able to spot 1 cow moose and 1 calf.

Maine Moose Tour with NEOC

June 23,2016   |   Jun 24, 2016 - Comments (0)

Our guest enjoyed a great trip today seeing two deer, a turtle and 2 bull moose on their Moose Tour.  Its a great time of year to get lots of pictures of your favorite wildlife.

White Tail Deer NEOC

June 18, 2016   |   Jun 19, 2016 - Comments (0)

The wildlife are very active this time of year.  Our June 18th trip included 3 Moose at River Pond, 1 Bull at Hurd Pond, 1 Deer, several Beavers, Loons and Ducks.  It’s a great time to book your Moose Tour or Full Day Wildlife Tour here at NEOC.

Moose Tour Katahdin

June 16   |   Jun 17, 2016 - Comments (0)

Today’s tour…2 Bull Moose–2 Cow Moose–2 Deer!  Now is a great time for Moose & Wildlife sightings…they are out and about!

Moose Tour NEOC

June 14,2016   |   Jun 15, 2016 - Comments (0)

We had a full day of Moose Tours today.  Lots of sightings, 3 Moose, 2 deer, 1 Bear, 2 Beavers, an Eagle, Hawk and lots of Geese!  Its a great time to see all the wildlife Maine has to offer!  Book your trip today.

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