Maine Moose Tours Report

Bull moose wandering in the field Moose Tours are offered daily and year-round. For booking and pricing please see our Moose and Wildlife Tours page. Be sure to check out these videos - click on link or scroll down the page:

Moose Report, 2016

Bull moose spotted on mouse tour

August 10th   |   Aug 10, 2012 - Comments (0)

August 10th, Sterling managed to take a group out on a nice cool morning. With rain looming (and maybe in the air already), the group braved the weather and headed out on Millinocket Lake. After a rainy adventure across the lake, Sterling managed to spot 2 large moose as well as a few ospreys and loons!

Moose tours at NEOC

August 9th   |   Aug 09, 2012 - Comments (0)

After the hot weather decided to take a break, Eddie took a group out on Millinocket Lake and saw a multitude of moose in the morning! As the temperature dropped, the moose came out. Eddie and the group spotted a cow and a calf, as well as another cow with what appeared to be a second year moose. While calfs typically stay with their mother for only a year, some decide to take the “live in our parents basement” approach! In the afternoon, while the group didn’t see a moose, they managed to spot 2 bears eating blueberries as well as 2 whitetail deer.

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