Maine Whitewater Rafting

Maine is home to some of the best whitewater rafting conditions in New England and the entire east coast. At New England Outdoor Center, we provide the equipment, the rapids and the fun!

In Maine, we are lucky to have three rivers that offer a range of rapids for beginners or whitewater rafting experts from all around the world.

Each river offers a different Maine whitewater experience. They all include challenging rapids, captivating scenery and plenty of Maine wildlife.



Penobscot River

(ages 6 and up)Whitewater rafting

Family Rafting

(ages 4 and up)family float trips

Double Trouble

(ages 15 and up)family float trips

Lower River

(ages 8-12 and up)whitewater rafting

The Penobscot River is the biggest of the three Maine whitewater rafting rivers and showcases spectacular views of Mt. Katahdin. Plus, it’s a little easier for those who might be rafting for the very first time. We also provide a BBQ lunch along the Penobscot River. The BBQ lunch includes your choice of steak or chicken, rice, veggies and more!

All three rivers are controlled by water dams to provide great high-water rafting from early May through mid-October. Check out our Maine whitewater rafting schedule. and book your trip today!

Whitewater rafting weather conditions in Maine

Spring, Summer and Fall are all great times to experience whitewater rafting in Maine. While we don’t consider ourselves weather experts, here’s some helpful information on what type of temperatures and weather you can expect during your Maine whitewater rafting adventure.

Spring: Bright sunshine with temperatures ranging from 50s-80s depending on the day. We recommend bringing a light layer of clothing in case the temperature drops a bit during your adventure for when you get wet.

Summer: Warm and sometimes hot sunshine, temperatures range from the high 60s to upper 80’s. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!

Fall: Temperatures can range from the mid 40s to the upper 70s. Later in the season, the temperatures will dip below 50, especially during the evening hours.

Winter: Although Maine has some crazy weather, we don’t offer whitewater rafting trips during the winter. But don’t worry, our four season resort has plenty to offer, check out our Winter activities

Penobscot River Adventure Packages, Your Best Value


Packages include: raft trip, two nights lodging, one dinner at River Drivers Restaurant or Penobscot Outdoor Center, two breakfasts at the Penobscot Outdoor Center, and use of all resort amenities. The price ranges given depend on day of week rafting or lodging and depend on number of people lodging.
*Lodging at Twin Pine Cabins has minimum occupancy requirements and includes 1 breakfast and one dinner the day of your raft trip. Cabins vary and sleep from 4 to 14. Ask our reservations staff for pricing for children 12 and under.

Lodging Options Early May-July10
Sun - Fri / Sat
July 11 - Aug 30
Sun - Fri / Sat
Aug 21 - Early Oct
Sun - Fri / Sat
Campsite (1 or more people) 136 – 140 / 180 146 – 148 / 180 136 – 140 / 180
Canvas cabin tent (1-2 people) 156 – 159 / 192 166 – 169 / 192 156 – 159 / 192
Canvas cabin tent (3-4 people) 151 – 154 / 186 161 – 164 / 186 151 – 154 / 186
“Twin Pine Cabins * (based on 4 in a small cabin) 207 / 243 233 / 253 207 / 243
(All prices are per person)