101 things to do in Millinocket and the Katahdin Region Maine

101 things to do in Millinocket and the Katahdin Region Maine

Welcome to Millinocket, Maine and the Katahdin Region. The name Millinocket means – Land of Many Islands.  If you have ever been to Millinocket Lake you will know that it has many, many islands, and that is where NEOC is located on the South shore of Millinocket Lake looking on to Katahdin, Maine’s highest mountain.

This list is evolving. 101 things is our goal but there are no limits, so send us your thoughts and we’ll see what happens!. The following list is not in any particular order of preference (although we may be guilty of mentioning the many things that happen here at NEOC first!).  Enjoy and send us your favorite things to do in the area and perhaps they will make it to the top 10.

Anytime List

  1. Have breakfast at the AT cafe and in summer you can even get a latte upstairs in the coffeshop – fancy that!
  2. Have a latte or a beer at the River Driver’s Pub and watch the sun set behind Double Top.
  3. Visit the Katahdin General Store (160 Bates Street, Millinocket) and get your snowmobile license and anything else you might have forgotten for your trip – boots, bug spray, plumbing supplies, egg sandwiches, etc.
  4. Visit the North Light Gallery (257 Penobscot Avenue) and the Moose Prints Gallery (58 Central Street, Millinocket).
  5. Have Tea in Oscars Tea Room 19 Central Street,  Millinocket.
  6. Visit the Millinocket Library on Maine Avenue – free wi-fi 24 hours a day!
  7. Visit the Patten Lumberman’s Museum drive north via scenic byway from Medway to Patten.
  8. The Northern Lights – well they can happen anytime so prepare for the next visit  – follow this link for updates

Winter Items

  1. Go Snowmobiling on ITS 85/86 to Shin Pond, Kokajo, Matagammon, Bowlin or Wildwoods Camps – all these locations have gas, food and love to see you come in the door.
  2. Snowmobile to the River Driver’s Restaurant at NEOC to have Lunch or Dinner.
  3. Take a guided snowmobile Tour with NEOC – tours leave twice daily and are great for beginners – very enjoyable.
  4. Check out the Katahdin Woods and Waters Cross Country Ski Trails – this will involve driving to Grand Lake Matagamon Road – past the Matagamon Wilderness Store and Cabins and do one of the 2 loops – the Old River Road Loop or the Thoreau Checkerberry Loop.
  5. Go Ice fishing on any of the many lakes in the area including Millinocket Lake  – remember to get your license.
  6. Go cross country skiing at The Bait Hole Trails or the Timber Cruisers Club House – call 207-723-4329 for trail updates.  You can rent skis or snowshoes from Skip at the Katahdin Cabins on Medway Road – the skiing is free and rentals are $5+/day!
  7. Go Downhill Skiing at Mount Jefferson in Lee for $15/day and get a lesson for $20/hour – what a bargain.
  8. Hike to the Ice Caves through the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area and see if you can find some ice in July.
  9. Go Ice climbing with Chimney Pond as your base in Baxter State Park.
  10. Go winter camping – that is camping outside in winter. It makes some people very, very happy and others quiet miserable – ski in, camp overnight and ski out.  You can also rent bunkhouses and cabins in Baxter State Park.
  11. Ski into Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps and have them cook you delicious meals served at a communal table. You can choose to spend the night in one of their charming vintage sporting camps. You’ll be maintaining the wood stove to keep the heat going.
  12. Visit The Trains between Eagle Lake and Chamberlin Lake – this would be a snowmobile trip and it is about 240 Mile round trip, you may need to pack extra gas.
  13. Travel to Blueberry Ledges – you can snowshoe in the winter.
  14. Take a day trip to Shin Pond Village.
  15. Take a Day trip to Matagamon Wilderness Store and Camps – ride up through BSP and come back via ITS 83 – note the park trail is not groomed, not advised for inexperienced riders.
  16. Take a day trip to Kokajo –
  17. Day trip to Bowlin Camps
  18. Go by snowmobile to the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness area and snowshoe into the Ice Caves

    Summer Items
  19. Go whitewater rafting with NEOC on the Penobscot River – trips leave daily from Late May to mid October.
  20. Summit Katahdin Via any of the summit trails including Abol, Hunt, Cathedral, Saddle, Dudley Helon Taylor or Hamlin, please note The Hunt Trail is also the final leg of the North Bound AT.
  21. Spot Moose at Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter State Park – morning, late afternoon, and evening tend to be prime times for viewing
  22. Canoe or kayak across Millinocket Lake to Grant Brook and bird watch – spotting a variety of birds and probably some moose
  23. Hike Double Top a mountain in Baxter State Park.
  24. Canoe along portions of the East Branch and West Branch of the Penobscot or experience theDebsconeag Lakes Wilderness Region following the path of Henry David Thoreau from his multiple trips to Maine in the 1850′s.  NEOC is offering day and overnight trips this summer – canoeing,  camping gear and food is supplied: bring yourself and a positive attitude!
  25. Travel to Blueberry Ledges – you can snowshoe in the winter and hike during summer – pick the trail up from behind the Abol Store – off the Golden Road.  Suitable for families.
  26. Go to Daicey Pond in Baxter State park and rent a canoe for $2/hour.  You can paddle across the pond and might even see a moose.
  27. Hike part of the A.T., you can access the lower section near Abol Store this is the start of the 100 mile wilderness.
  28. Check out Horserace and Rainbow Lake hiking trails in the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area.
  29. Drive part of the Golden Road and look for Moose – if you are really brave and a vehicle that sits high and a few spare tires you could drive all the way to Greenville.  The Trucks (big logging ones – literally own the road – so keep in).
  30. Go fish for Land Locked Salmon on Millinocket Lake
  31. Take a Moose Tour with NEOC by Pontoon Boat – trips leave daily, morning and evening on Millinocket Lake.
  32. Go camping at The Penobscot Outdoor Center “POC” the closest campground to Baxter SP.
  33. Visit Baxter State Park headquarters in Millinocket or the Visitor Center next toTogue Pond Gate.
  34. Go swimming at Togue Pond Beach.
  35. Camp, swim or Paddle at Omaha Beach.
  36. Hike to the Ice Caves through the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area and see if you can find some ice in July.
  37. Complete NEOC’s Thoreau Themed scavenger hunt.

    Other Fun Things Just Outside of the area
  38. Go rock climbing with http://acadiaclimbing.com/
  39. Go Skiing at http://bigrockmaine.com/
  40. Take a Daytrip to The Bay of Fundy – known for it’s high Tidal Range. Each day 160 billion tonnes of seawater flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy during one tide cycle — more than the combined flow of the world’s freshwater rivers!