Jan 11, 2019 | 12:11 pm

The Katahdin Region received Snow this week about 12 inches total on Tuesday and Wednesday: Conditions are excellent, we have been grooming and will be grooming again tonight and tomorrow night.
• 85/86 – Stacyville rd to Whetstone groomed 1/09/2019 in Great condition, kiosk at Whetstone came back to base for repair, and will go back out on Friday night;
• ITS 85/86 Pole Line groomed 1/10/2019, One small washout, groomed flat, soft snow;
• ITS 85/86 Penobscot Pond via Grant Brook groomed 1/10/2019 groomed flat, soft snow;
• ITS 85/86 – State Rd to Abol, Hurd Pond groomed on 1/09/2019 good condition;
• 112 Connector – Logan Pond groomed 1/09/2019 Good condition;
• 112 Connector – Stratton Trail groomed on 1/03/2019 and will be groomed Friday night;
• Wild Kingdom groomed 1/10/2019 still a few washouts; Trees hanging low, soft snow;
• Jerry Pond to Hotels groomed 1/09/2019 in good condition;
• South Twin Connector to Brownville Rd and Bandstand groomed 1/09/2019 in great condition;
• Central St to Katahdin Inn groomed 1/09/2019 great condition.

Stacyville Rd Access. This year we have been able to groom the Stacyville Rd all the way from the Stacyville Rd Intersection to Bates Street/Sawmill bar and grill in Millinocket. This means you can park at the Northern Timber Cruisers parking lot and use the .25 mile access trail (which going forward will be maintained by the NTC) to get to the Stacyville/Sawmill intersection and ride from there.

The River Driver’s Restaurant is open from 7am to 9pm for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and we have gas for sled and lodging onsite.

Parking Locations in the Katahdin Region: Northern Timber Cruisers just outside Millinocket on the Lake Road; by the North Woods Trading Post between Ambajejus and Millinocket Lake and at the River Driver’s Parking Lot on Millinocket Lake