Dad...remember when...

We paddled down that big river in Maine...It was you and me, and Stephanie came with us.  Do you remember when you caught that big fish, and Glen cooked it for our supper and then we slept under the stars, then the next day I caught my first brook trout and it was way bigger than the one you caught.

Do you remember that Village that was up on Chesuncook Lake, where people used to live years ago, and wasn't that the river where the River Driver's used to send those logs all the way to the ocean.. You know Dad, ever since that trip, I can paddle really well, and I can even set up my own campfire and cook my own meals.

Dad, do you think we can do that trip again this year and bring Mom this time, I think she would really like it.  We could even bring the dog...

boy fishing
family time hammock

You know my favorite part...

Dad, my favorite part was when you did not have to work and you could spend the whole day with me.

Remember, you did not have your computer with you, and you were not getting those phone calls from work.

Do you remember we saw those shooting stars? I really loved napping in those hammocks Dad, we really should have one somewhere in the house, you know it's a really good idea...

It is possible to forget about the hassle and dig deep into another world

We all have things to of the most important is to take time for you.  This world in the North Woods is a beautiful untamed one; the rivers flow freely, the lakes are vast, the skies are huge.  More than anything it will give you the opportunity to reconnect with you and also whatever family members you choose to bring with you for this adventure.

The Food will be great - Glen loves to cook, so expect steaks, fish (you may catch some), hearty breakfasts, coffee that tastes amazing out underneath the open skies.  Everything is included from when you reach us; we provide the camping equipment, food, canoes, and guide.  You should pack your sleeping bag, clothes, bug spray, fishing license, camera and some other incidentals that we will inform you of before you get here.

The Three Day Trip








  • Day 1 - Meet and greet at NEOC in the morning. Travel up the Golden Road to put-in at Lobster Stream, overnight at Lobster Lake
  • Day 2 - Paddle along the Penobscot; Overnight most Likely at Big Island.
  • Day 3 - Paddle the Penobscot River to the Historic Chesuncook Village and take out at Chesuncook around 2-3 pm. Shuttle back to NEOC.
  • Trip includes fun; great food; gear including use of tents and canoe, guide and water - you will be provided a packing list upon booking to cover clothing and sleeping bag.
  • Price $699/per person 12 and under $425

The Five Day Trip

  • Day 1-3 as above
  • Day 3 - Paddle from Chesuncook to overnight on Boomhouse Point.
  • Day 4 - Paddle Chesuncook Lake and overnight (most likely) on Mauser Island and it's beautiful sand beach.
  • Day 5 - Paddle to Ripogenus Point and take out at Ripogenus Point, a possible side trip to Chesuncook Boom House Museum if open.
  • Trip includes: fun; great food; gear including use of tents and canoe, guide and water - you will be provided a packing list upon booking to cover clothing and sleeping bag.
  • Price: $895/per person: 12 and under $500

See wildlife up close and personal...

The West Branch Penobscot River is a 117-mile-long tributary of the Penobscot River that flows through Maine's North Woods.  The river flows from Seboomook Lake about 25 miles into Chesuncook Lake

For our trip, we will be putting in just south of Lobester Lake and we will for our first night paddle into Lobster Lake and stay there for one night

What to Expect


Registered Maine Guide

Our Registered Maine Guide Glen Horne is organizing the trip, he ran the same one last year also.  He is packing the food, organizing the transportation and camping equipment.

Chill Time

Chill Time

You will paddle for miles, so you will earn your supper, but there will be plenty of time for chilling out and relaxing.

boy fishing neoc fathers day


We will be fishing and you may catch brook trout and other fish so you  should get a fishing license.

chesuview 2

The Views

Stunning Vistas and beautiful landscape, the pictures here are just a small portion of what you will experience.