Maine River Rafting – 10 Great Reasons to Raft the Penobscot River

Maine River Rafting ~ 10 Great Reasons to Raft the Penobscot River with NEOC:

Rafting with NEOC

Happy Whitewater Rafters at NEOC

  1. It’s the only whitewater rafting river where you’re apt to spot a moose placidly feeding along its quiet stretches.
  2. The granite ridgeline of Katahdin rising 5200 magnificent feet above the river plays hide-and-seek with the paddler around every bend.
  3. The vertical walls of Ripogenus Gorge followed in close heart-pounding succession by the gnarly, class V Cribwork rapids.
  4. The courtesy, professionalism and fun-loving nature of your NEOC whitewater guide.
  5. The chance to paddle the historic waters first navigated by the birch canoes of the Penobscot People and the bateaus of the early river drivers.
  6. The opportunity to see a part of the pristine world explored by the great American writer and Concord Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.
  7. The comraderie of your white-water rafting mates as you all pull together to shoot the challenging rapids of the Penobscot.
  8. The delicious river dinner served up with Maine’s highest mountain as your backdrop.
  9. The possibility of spotting an American Bald eagle soaring high above you in the blue skies filled with fair weather clouds.
  10. The chance to leave the work-a-day world behind and make lasting memories with friends and family.
  11. Here is one more – Maine River Rafting is one great way to see parts of the landscape of Maine that you would never get to see while sitting in the seat of a car, or even on foot – come and join us, trips leave daily.
Katahdin Shines in the backdrop

Katahdin Shines in the backdrop

Fun with NEOC

Whitewater Rafting Fun with NEOC

Our guides are well trained to take on any adventure.

Our guides are trained to take on any adventure.